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Did you know that:

  • Over 20,000 Americans retire daily?
  • The average first retirement age is fifty-seven?
  • Depression is the number one emotional difficulty of retirees?

Every day I hear people say, "Retirement?  That's a dirty word."  Other say, "Retirement?  I can't wait!"  Retirement coaching gives  you the opportunity to think purposefully about your retirement.  The real qustion is not "What are you retiring from ?"  but "What are you retiring to?"  Many people leaving a long time career find that creating a bridge opportunity, where they still use some of their skills for pay,  is more satisfying than stopping completely.  Others are happy to move in a different direction and want to re-design their lives completely.  

Plannning for retirement involves more than financial preparation.  Using the Retirement Options Profile, you will identify your personal retirement issues and focus your energy on potential problem areas.  You will create a Retirement Vision and formulate next step actions.

If you are age 50 or older, retirement coaching is for you.  Take advantage of this timely opportunity to plan your future so that every tomorrow will be an exciting adventure.

We are certified in Retirement Coaching and will partner with you to create an exciting next chapter.