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Public Speaking

Good leadership skills are powerful when they’re presented with clarity and confidence.  Speaking in public can be enjoyable!  We offer a variety of formats that can inspire your leaders to deliver briefings  and presentations in a persuasive manner.  


Public Speaking Coaching                                                                 (as contracted)

            Example:  Beverly and Larry have taught numerous teachers, executives, preachers, managers and a TEDx speaker the secrets of good organization and confident speaking.  In the confidentiality of one-on-one coaching and practice, you will improve your executive presence and learn to enjoy speaking opportunities.


Workshop or Brown Bag Lunch                                                       (60-90 minutes)

            Example:  Leadership Is Risky BusinessThis interactive and fun session allows participants to take risks during the session and apply insights gained to their career and personal lives.  Participants will learn the LEEPS™ model and use it to discover new possibilities for themselves. 


Interactive Training                                                                          (full-day or multi-day)

            Example:  Can You Hear Me Now?  Participants will learn to be more intentional and proactive in communicating with others. They will gain confidence-building skills in such areas as expressing appreciation, expressing needs, listening deeply, and having difficult conversations.

            Example:  Go Ahead and BLUF!   Participants will learn how to present their message clearly and concisely. In crowded meetings it is essential that a speaker know how to present the Bottom Line Up Front. This program often includes delivering a two-minute presentation.  


Keynote Addresses                                                                                 (single occasion)

            Example:  Live Now!   "Died at 40, buried at 60."  Do you want this on your tombstone?  Audience members are inspired and challenged to step out of their comfort zones.  Discover new passions that both increase brain capacity and help you leave a lasting legacy. 

            Example:  Leadership Is Risky Business.  Learning to step out of your safety zone is an important aspect of leadership.  Leaders can’t “play it safe.” Listeners will be encouraged by stories of courageous risk-taking to take steps that can increase their capacity for leadership challenges.