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Leadership Training

Strengthening your organization begins with training high-potential talent to lead your organization in the future.  This is urgent work.

Studies show that it takes an average of almost 2 years to prepare high-potential employees for quality mid-level leadership.  It takes over 3 years on average to prepare them for a senior leadership position. (Filipkowski, 2014)  

Increasing numbers of organizations are realizing we are in a work culture where frequent job changes are becoming the norm. Providing ongoing training and learning opportunities is essential to retaining and cultivating leaders within the organization.

Mease-Buxton Associates grounds its work in leadership training, executive coaching and public speaking. 

  • Employees must first be trained in specific leadership skills. 
  • Coaching then enables new learning to be retained and incorporated into regular practice. 
  • Public speaking enables leaders to communicate their growth and learning, and the work of their organization, with confidence.

Mease-Buxton Associates offers training in:

  • Speaking with Confidence 
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching for Employee Engagement
  • Building Strong Teams  
  • Understanding Ourselves and Others Through the DiSC or MBTI

Many clients are finding it a wise investment to train entire teams or departments.  In this way its leadership development processes can be aligned with strategic priorities and brand identity.

We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day sessions, each one tailored to the needs of your organization.

Leadership development is urgent work.  Time is passing.  Let’s get started!